We service the Dallas area, specializing in Highland Park, University Park, Preston Hollow, Lakewood and Lake Highlands.


What can happen when a home is vacant or not looked after?

  • Water leaks.
  • Insect and rodent infestation.
  • Trash in front of the house and mail piling up.
  • Doors and windows not securely locked.
  • Trees blown down from one of our Texas sized storms.
  • Need for replacing batteries in smoke/carbon dioxide detectors.
  • Frozen pipes in the winter.


 You bought a home but haven’t moved in yet and the property is vacant.

You listed your home for sale and have already moved out and your property is vacant.

You own a VRBO.

You are too busy traveling, having a career, or just have a busy family schedule and don’t have time to inspect your home.

You live far away from your elderly parents who prefer to stay in their home instead of a retirement facility and you can’t be there to inspect their home.

Solution –

Blue Tulip Home Watch can be there when you can’t. We can be your eyes and ears.

We take the stress out of home ownership with our professional home inspections.

Blue Tulip Exterior Inspection Services include but are not limited to:

  • Exterior damage, vandalism, or forced entry
  • Newspapers and debris removal
  • Outdoor faucet leaks and freeze protection
  • All points of entry
  • Signs of pest or animal intrusion
  • Report on landscaping and maintenance needs
  • Report on pool and spa
  • HOA compliance notice assessment
  • Mailbox check and mail forwarding

Blue Tulip Interior Inspection Services include but are not limited to:

  • Check all locks on doors and windows
  • Unusual odors, noises, or alarms
  • Refrigerator, Ice maker, Freezer
  • Run Faucets and flush toilets
  • Run Garbage disposal
  • Garage door operation
  • Signs of insect or animal intrusion
  • Water heater, furnace, A/C settings
  • Check lighting

Keyholder Services –

Blue Tulip Home Watch can meet service men at the property when you can’t be there. We will give them access to the home, verify the work has been done, and lock up after they leave.

Concierge Services –

  • Receive and deliver packages to your property
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Replace HVAC filter
  • Pre-arrival services
  • Post-departure services
  • Personal Bookkeeping