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Dallas and Surrounding Areas Home Watch Services

Concerned about your home when you are away?  A lot can happen but we can give you Peace of Mind!

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Dallas Home Watch


‘Home Watch’, defined by the National Home Watch Association, is ‘a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues. Blue Tulip, which provides Dallas home watch services to the surrounding area, will ensure the homeowner is aware of these issues and follow the client’s instructions regarding a resolution and cure for them.


The truth is that most homeowners are either too busy or not available to inspect their property on a regular basis so Blue Tulip is here to help. Dealing with property issues should be handled as soon as possible in order to minimize the potential damage.

Services are good for:

  • Homeowners who travel frequently and are away from their main residence
  • Investors who own property and live far away
  • Homes listed for sale that are vacant
  • Homeowners who purchased property but have not moved in yet
  • VRBO’s
  • Homeowners who are too busy to inspect and manage their property
  • Senior citizens with family members too far away to inspect and manage the property


Blue Tulip Home Watch is a local, woman owned business that provides visual inspections both inside and outside of a home or property looking for obvious issues. The owner, Carol Stine, is a native Dallasite and has many trusted vendor relationships when something needs repairing.  We are licensed and bonded and perform background checks on all of our employees. We are an accredited member of The National Home Watch Association.


House Sitter or Property Manager
or Home Watch

Many times when people are out of town, they ask a relative or neighbor to ‘look after’ their home. Or they may consider a House Sitter or Property Manager as an option to take care of their home while they are away.

There are inherent problems with these options.  House Sitters are normally looking for a place to stay rather than a place to take care of.  They are in your home 24/7 and have access to every nook and cranny of your home, life and business.  Fees can be way out of line for the service you receive and you are doing more for them than they will ever do for you.

Property Managers are more concerned about renting your home than they are about taking care of it.  They only visit your home long enough to collect a payment or show it rent for vacation rentals.  Their  focus is the “business” of your home and not the care until something drastic occurs.

Hiring an insured and bonded Home Watch company is a much better option to consider. Blue Tulip Home Watch is an accredited,  professional company well aware of what to look for and knows what to do if there is an issue.

Give Blue Tulip Home Watch a call to discuss your options and why we are a better choice!


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